Sustainable Energy Authority Of Ireland

Huge content and national communication project.

SEAI now has a streamlined, content-manageable website, showcasing the work they do and their mission to drive sustainable and renewable energy growth across Ireland.

The Challenge

The SEAI website had become difficult to manage, with very high volumes of content, a broken information architecture and lacked a mobile solution. It was failing both the SEAI and their users. Webfactory's task was to design and build an optimised communications platform to help them achieve their goal of transforming Ireland to a low carbon society.


Our Solution

User Experience

During the UX phase we spoke with various user types, large energy users, public sectors, SME’s, researchers and call centre staff. User interviews helped to confirm the priority of user types, identify key user tasks, user pain points and motivations. We created an Information Architecture based on key user tasks, then ran multiple tree testing studies. User feedback allowed us to create a sitemap that matched users' mindset while allowing the SEAI to grow its feature set in a meaningful way.

Visual and Interaction Design

This phase of the project involved Webfactory developing digital brand treatment for SEAI. We developed a clear and contemporary look and feel, introducing overlapping and juxtaposing components in order to support the new content of the site. The visual language on the site evolves around featuring the benefits of investing in energy efficiency rather than focussing purely on technology. Functional pieces including the upcoming the Electric Vehicle comparison tool were all styled within the new brand. A digital style guide and component library outlining the treatment of visual content were supplied at the end of this phase.


Front End Development

Once the visual designs were signed off by the SEAI team, we commenced HTML/CSS development of the responsive templates and the integration of these templates with Roxen CMS. All CSS and JavaScript were minified (compressed) on the server to optimise page load. We then developed the functional elements of the site.


Content audit and strategy

We supported the SEAI throughout with content strategy, tone of voice, copywriting, and content design services. We collaborated with stakeholders to develop new content designed to aid user comprehension and task completion. Clear workflows and editorial guidelines enabled us to move quickly from draft content to signed off content. We reduced the website from thousands of pages to under 300, while maintaining all core information.


SEO and Analytics

We then conducted an audit of the populated site to include an on-page SEO audit, technical SEO audit, traffic audit, and market, competitor and rankings analysis.

Successful migration to Google Tag Manager has enabled the configuration of comprehensive traffic and tracking analysis and reporting.

Content Management

We built the site in Roxen CMS. This included customising all of the components as requested by SEAI in the tender document, including; contact us form, mailing list sign up, website search, car data compare, registered dealers database, etc.


There were several stages of testing carried out by Webfactory ahead of handing the site over to SEAI for UAT. We performed design QA, browser and device testing and functional testing.

Design Testing

Design test were required to ensure the authored designs looked as they were intended to. To do this we followed a programme of standardised design testing.

Browser and Device Testing

We used the international guidelines from W3C at the time of testing. We tested the latest versions of the most popular desktop and mobile browsers and devices.

User Acceptance Testing

Finally, UAT/SIT was performed by SEAI against internal criteria. Bugs identified by the testing partner as Webfactory code based bugs (bugs in HTML/CSS code in browser, device testing) were raised through our bug testing system Resolve.

Training and Documentation

Webfactory produced content editor documentation for SEAI to describe how to create new pages, add components, etc. We provided half day training sessions - one for general content editors, an additional one for higher level content editors (e.g. public affairs) and a third for the administrator(s) in use of the Roxen administration interface etc.

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)

SEAI is Ireland’s national sustainable energy authority. Their vision is for Ireland’s energy to be sustainable, secure, affordable, and clean. They aim to lead Ireland to use less energy, move to clean energy, and innovate to create new solutions for energy needs.

Visit the SEAI website