We've teamed up with Microsoft Ireland on their social strategies and campaigns for Xbox Ireland, Surface, Office 365, and HR. They've seen great results across the board and continue to use us to drive their creativity, engagement, and targeted activities on social media and PPC.

The challenge

Microsoft Ireland came to us initially looking for support in running their Xbox Ireland social media channels. The channels were facing a lot of challenges including a disengaged audience and no local context. We were asked to tap into Ireland's unique gaming culture and bring an Irish flavour to their channels. The results speak for themselves.


The Solution

Tapping into the Irish gamers' psyche for Xbox

Irish gamers are renowned for their love of gaming, however they had fallen out of love with Xbox Ireland's Facebook page. Through a considered mix of localised and original content, targeted giveaways, and effective media campaigns we tapped back into the Irish gamers psyche. We now have an impressive page engagement rate of over 6% and a growing number of hand-selected Xbox ambassadors for Ireland.


Growing awareness of Surface Pro 4

When the latest version of the game-changing Surface launched in October 2015 it was done quietly. We built a PPC and social advertising campaign around Surface Pro 4 for the Christmas season which proved highly effective in driving enquiries to retailer websites. With click through rates of up to 3.2% we proved a strong level of interest in Surface Pro 4 during the busiest online shopping time of the year.


Spreading the word about Microsoft careers

We worked with Microsoft HR to come up with eye-catching social media campaigns to attract new talent. By focusing on the qualities they were looking for, we created a campaign which was on brand, clever, and creative.


About Microsoft

Microsoft Ireland has four distinct operations at its campus in Sandyford in Dublin, employing over 1,200 full time employees and 700 full-time contract staff. Operations in Ireland include software development and testing, localisation, operations, finance, IT, HR and sales & marketing for EMEA.

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