As digital partners for Aviva Health we were delighted to support them in rebranding to Irish Life Health for their launch this September.

Irish Life Health (ILH) is Ireland's newest healthcare insurance provider. A smooth transition to their new online platform was a key element in their brand launch.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to re-brand and optimise the entire Aviva Health website in complete confidentiality for the launch of Irish Life Health in September. A core piece of the work was redesigning the homepage and health plan pages to improve the user experience. We also developed a robust migration plan to ensure content, data, analytics and SEO were transferred and maintained successfully.

The work was completed over 2 phases to ensure all aspects were optimised for the new brand launch in September 2016.


Our Solution

Planned migration

Initially our task was to reskin an existing site on Xuber. We created a local development area and then moved the tested version into Roxen. All Aviva Health elements were to be rebranded as Irish Life Health. We then updated all content, fonts, imagery, SEO, and analytics across the site according to brand guidelines.

Extending the brand online

We supported the new brand by leveraging key content and emphasising specific member benefits. By front loading benefits to the customer we aimed to create awareness and trust.


Reassure customers

We wanted to reassure customers that the change to ILH is a good thing. We supported this by restructuring the homepage to differ from Aviva and following user research and testing we opted to address key personas immediately on the homepage. These include; parents, families, elderly customers, and health conscious customers. There are clear CTA’s for each of these personas with specific information on the options available to them.

We also ensured there was a clear explanation of who Irish Life Health is, and an explanation of the rebrand.

Easier to scan and read

We took the rebrand as an opportunity to dramatically improve the ability to scan and read the ILH health plans. User testing informed our changes to the design and layout.


Clear CTAs

We have provided a range of CTAs which encourage contact with Irish Life Health. This was done through the use of a clear tone of voice in the micro copy on buttons and links, plus a live chat option.


About Irish Life Health

Irish Life Health has become the latest brand to enter the Republic of Ireland’s health insurance market after Irish Life Group acquired Aviva Health and assumed complete control of GloHealth. The new brand has 420,000 customers and a 21 per cent share of the market.

Visit the Irish Life Health website