Gas Networks Ireland

Web development partner for GNI's digital strategy.

Our solution incorporates full back-end integration with existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The Challenge

GNI defined their Digital Strategy and Vision in 2015. It identified a series of initiatives to enhance their digital capabilities within a two year time frame. This work included the redesign and redevelopment of the corporate website with a focus on sales and customer service.

Through a programme of workshops, studies and analysis, we were able to provide GNI with a digital resource that matches their user and business needs. Their website focuses on commercial and domestic conversions, is intuitive and informative, and offers straightforward governance and management functionality.

The Challenge GNI defined their Digital Strategy and Vision in 2015.

Our Solution

User Experience workshops define audience demographics

We ran a number of UX-based activities to help identify GNI's exact audience and user groups. We defined their requirements, journeys, and how best to present them with findable content. These activities included multiple collaborative stakeholder workshops, user journey mapping, clear information architecture design, primary user usability testing, and customer education journey design.

User Experience workshops define audience demographics

Responsive UI Design

We developed the overall responsive design based on the brand guidelines,which we updated for digital. This was to ensure consistency of brand across digital and offline mediums. Their sales forms were designed to work intuitively for the user. This is apparent in the Get Connected journey, which allows the user to complete the process in five simple steps.

Responsive UI Design

Fully integrated system development

Mobile-first development using Roxen CMS provides a fully satisfying experience on all device types. Integrations allow for an information rich, seamless visit for all user types. The website is fully integrated with:

  • GIS Maps
  • CRM Dynamics RESTful API
  • IUS Meter Reading
  • AutoAddress API
Fully integrated system development
Gas Network Ireland - Homepage

Optimisation and analytics organise multiple data sets

Analysis of existing traffic data, combined with keyword research and market analysis ensures all on-page content is fully optimised, providing maximum organic visibility to the user. Migration to Google Tag Manager delivers comprehensive tracking across the site, for robust traffic reporting and analysis.

Content audit and strategy

We conducted a messaging workshop with GNI stakeholders in order to understand their key messaging. This enabled us to develop a focused content strategy and tone-of-voice document for the web editing team. A full content audit was conducted of the existing website, generating invaluable insights for the project. This was key to understanding the volume, condition, and ownership of the existing content, which consequently provided goals for the new site.

Quality Assurance

Continuous Integration was employed for ensuring robust, light, well-tested code was developed and deployed, along with extensive internal testing covering performance, security, accessibility, functional, UI and UAT.

Gas Networks Ireland (GNI)

Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) owns, operates, builds and maintains the natural gas network in Ireland. They have 650,000 customers, both domestic and business, connected to their network. They ensure these customers receive a safe, efficient and secure supply of natural gas, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

GNI is actively expanding the natural gas network in Ireland and encouraging new customers to connect. Their website is a key component of this strategy.

Visit the GNI website

Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) owns, operates, builds and maintains the natural gas network in Ireland.