EirGrid Group

The EirGrid Group delivers a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity throughout the island of Ireland. Webfactory delivered a streamlined group website, which united the existing EirGrid and SONI websites as well as the EirGrid project website.

The EirGrid Group can now engage the public, display live data through graphical charts, and offer a library of regulatory material to users. The website is proving both useful and efficient for its target audience and the internal digital team.

The challenge

The EirGrid website needed to move away from an unwieldy presentation based on their internal organisation to one based on satisfying both user and business requirements. As the new website needed to pull three websites into one, UX, governance, and content strategy played a significant role. Key functionality includes a searchable document repository, a projects section, live data charts, integration with Active Directory, and a full Roxen environment build.


With an outdated and user unfriendly website, we faced a huge challenge in making our website more accessible for the general public and our customers. Since launching our new website, feedback has been very positive. We were really satisfied with the end product.

Yvonne Cooney, EirGrid

Our solution

Streamlined document management

The EirGrid Group produces a large volume of regulated material, to which key user groups require easy access. Our Library solution creates a central repository where documents are tagged, categorised and can be easily searched, filtered, and downloaded. This is a big step forward for EirGrid in the governance and management of large numbers of complex documentation, as well as satisfying user needs.


Live data presentation

This project presented an opportunity to turn EirGrid's live data feeds on their system into attractive, visual charts. We integrated with EirGrid's web services to offer these real time updates about Ireland's electricity grid to users. This makes great use of existing data and offers users technical information in a highly visual way. it has swiftly become one of the most visited sections on the site.


Project consultation

The EirGrid website offers a place where the public can find information on EirGrid's current and recent infrastructural projects. Organised by county, users can find the background, benefits, and status of projects. This section is key to providing transparent information to the public and involving them in the consultation process.


About EirGrid Group

Since 2006, EirGrid has operated and developed the national high voltage electricity grid in Ireland. SONI is the electricity System Operator for Northern Ireland responsible for planning for the future of the grid. Find out more about the EirGrid Group on their website.

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