We teamed up with Calor Gas to reimagine their entire digital strategy over a three year period. This involves their website, social media channels, online account management system, display ads, video, and IT infrastructure.

Our work to date has broken new ground for the brand. Their online presentation now matches their offline reality: as a modern, forward thinking utility company.

The challenge

When Calor Gas initially engaged us the digital aspect of their business was not performing in line with their business needs. A non-mobile friendly website and feature-poor online account management system were some of the areas they were keen to address. Calor made the decision to move from a multi-agency situation to one where Webfactory functions as their full service digital agency. The challenge was to move on these projects quickly and run them in tandem in order to deliver for key requirements.


The solution

Reimagining a utility for a multi-device world

Calor was falling behind online with a non-mobile friendly site and no clear digital strategy. This all changed in 2015. The rollout of the new responsive Calor Gas website heralded the beginning of a new digital first, mobile focused approach. The website, their key acquisition channel, has delivered exceptional results. It was designed to cater for their mainly rural audience and so is optimised for speed and mobile devices using Roxen CMS.


Proving LPG's case

Because Calor is LPG fuel, it is not as familiar an energy source as oil, natural gas, or electricity. Calor needs to educate customers about LPG, compare it to other options, and explain the process and benefits of switching. We've made this explanation uncomplicated, animated, and clear for all Calor's user groups, from a domestic situation to the boardroom.


An online account management system rebooted

The Calor OAM was providing a poor experience for Calor customers Our simplified UX delivers a positive, easy experience, while our developers tapped into Calor's existing web services to capture and display all required information. With positive feedback so far we are rolling out two further phases of the OAM during 2016.


About Calor Gas

Calor Gas is Ireland’s leading supplier and distributor of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) to both rural and residential areas. They are experts in the procurement and commissioning of LPG bulk gas storage, cylinder filling and storage, transport and delivery, installation and maintenance.

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