Webfactory News Round Up

It's back to school time but things never slowed down this summer in Webfactory. We have more active ongoing projects than at any time previously. That, combined with our joining the Dept agency network, has made it a whirlwind of a summer!

This weekend is no picnic

We won't be trekking to Stradbally this weekend for our favourite music festival. Instead the entire Webfactory office is heading to Amsterdam for the annual Dept Festival. It will be packed with our Dept agency colleagues and clients, so lots of networking lies ahead. The speaker line up looks great with Topher White, Conservationist Technologist, designer Stefan Sagmeister, and creative thinker and maker Jason English Kerr offering just some of the highlights. We hope to come back with even bigger, brighter ideas than we usually have!

Delivering the good

Back to the work. It's not all about 'big websites go live' although we have three of them literally happening as I type, more on that next week! The majority of work we do is helping our clients manage and evolve their existing websites. We've put a number of new pages live for Irish Water, including this helpful one about water conservation in businesses and the launch of their leakage reduction programme. We use content design and consistent patterns to maximise the visual impact. Clear language is also very important to aid reader comprehension.


Keeping Irish gamers in touch

Our Social Media Manager took her holidays in Cologne this August to attend the annual Gamescon event. It was a veritable feast of all things gaming. Anna also attended a breakfast briefing at GameStop this week so her head, and camera, is full of cool new Xbox stuff landing soon for gamers. Follow Xbox Ireland on their Facebook and Twitter channels to stay up to date.

Honing our skills

Finally what's catching our eyes this week? Following our recent blog post on writing effective Calls to Action (CTA), the Neilsen Norman Group published a great piece of research on why you should avoid generic CTAs like 'Get Started'. Their eye tracking study found that generic CTAs can attract clicks but ultimately mislead users. So avoid the temptation to put clicks over clear language.

More news coming soon!


Sinead Clandillon

Head of Content

The author

Sinead is Webfactory’s content strategist and she also manages the online visibility team, comprising search, analytics and social.

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