Webfactory Company Day - Work Hard Play Hard

We usually hold our Webfactory Company Day every quarter. This July we squeaked in our Q2 update. What’s the day for? It’s an event where all employees have a welcome opportunity to discuss all aspects of the business, the company and going forward. We always try to have it off site to give everyone a fresh perspective. The venue for this day was Token in Smithfield, Dublin. It’s a new restaurant and bar incorporating a retro arcade & pinball parlour! You can imagine the buzz, highly recommended.

Deaf Awareness training

The workshop commenced with Deaf Awareness training which was provided by the Irish Deaf Society. The topics covered included Irish Sign Language, communication barriers, exclusion, tips for communicating with a Deaf person and Deaf culture. This was incorporated into our day so as to expand staff awareness in this area. It’s a great way to develop our online accessibility awareness further into our day to day skills.


Time for a laugh

After a much need food and drinks break we were ready for the next part of the agenda, our surprise guest speaker. Anticipation was building and guessing games whirling as to who the surprise would be. All was revealed when Eric Lalor (@ericlalor) - Irish comedian and actor joined us. Eric had us in fits of laughter and left us with smiles throughout the day! Great idea to get the atmosphere going.


Back to the future

Following on from our comedy gig it was back to reality! Our company day presentation was next on the agenda and the focus was the current company situation and future plans. It’s a great way to ensure that we stay on track and share an understanding of what’s expected in the upcoming months. Staff were left feeling motivated and pretty excited about the plans and working together to see them come together!

The management team had big news to share with us. Webfactory are joining forces with the Dept network of leading international agencies. See our recent press release for more details. Suffice to say it’s big news and we are very excited.


So our Q2 company day was the perfect mixture. Relaxed, productive and inspiring. That’s what Webfactory is all about!



Ronan Lowry

Web Developer

The author

Ronan is a Web Developer at Webfactory, with over 10 years working within the digital media industry. Ronan has an interest in all areas of digital matters including a variety of threads on web design/development and digital marketing.

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