UXLX – User Experience conference, Lisbon

I had the great privilege of attending 2 days of workshops and talks at this year’s UX Lisbon. The conference is 500 people strong with attendees from 38 different countries coming together to talk UX in the beautiful sunny port of Lisbon.

The theme is User Experience but it’s diverse in direction, ranging from the predictions of Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist (best job title ever!), to a very sobering and poignant talk about the power and importance of ethics as a designer from the awesome father of UX, Cooper.


I have to give a shout out to Jaime Levy for her workshop and presentation on UX Strategy. I am currently devouring her book of the same name, she is an awesome teacher and a sound lady.

The person whose work I connected with the most was Adam Connor who talked about “Creating Consistent Experiences With Design Principles”.

“Principles act as rules that guide how we think and act. Formed by our motivations, values and beliefs, we use them as “lenses” through which we examine information in order to make decisions on what to do. And because of their persistent influence on our behaviour, they influence other’s views and expectations of us. Using these same kinds of constructs throughout the design process we can design interactions and consistent behaviours that set and live up to expectations for our audiences.”


The talk focused on how to go about creating tangible meaningful design principles. During the session we learned a set of workshop techniques to define project principals by working closely with our clients and stakeholders. These principals then act a a guiding light to help drive the direction of the project to come.

Honestly, some of the most interesting takeaways were discussions at the dinner table with fellow UXers from all around the world. I am proud to be part of such an excited and inspired bunch of people, helping to design the future of digital world.


Ruth Kelly

Senior Designer

The author

Ruth is a Lead interaction Designer for Webfactory, with 10 years in the industry including international team lead experience in Malaysia, US and Germany.

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