Time and Space Technician Required

Webfactory is seeking a Time and Space Technician (TST) to transport us to the next level of project management.

We're seeking a unicorn-hunting digital slayer, a truly talented DPM to join our crack ninja team! Lead your very own deep space unit of digital astronauts as you traverse the universe through code, powered by user insights, unchecked creativity and a mountain of data. Together you will reach new boundaries and push the very fabric of time (FoT) to reach Kritical Parallax Identificators (KPIs).

The Role

As a TST you will be responsible for planning, creating, and delivering transformative experiences (TEs). You will plan research missions outside the boundaries of Delta One (D1). You will lead our legendary envelope pushing sessions (EPSs) once weekly while balancing the need to pluck low hanging fruit (PLHF) whenever possible.


  • People wrangling
  • Time folding
  • Bio-location throughout all Dublin postcodes
  • Non-financially-motivated bribery (NFMB)
  • Buddha like levels of calmnessicity
  • Low hanging fruit picking dexterity
  • Envelope pushing powers


  • Yogic breathing at 11am with our mind guru.
  • Free food: If you like bread (GF, DF, WF, Paelo, vegan, Mafist, fruitist) and milk (nut only, hand-squeezed).
  • Mandolinists: We have one of Dublin's leading mandolinist groups who rehearse daily and provide a calming backdrop to your activities (foot tapping pads supplied FoC).
  • Entitled to personal barista and/or therapist after 6 hours of service.

Hmmm. . . . .

Ok so Saturday is April Fool's Day - or was, depending on when you're reading this - but we are actually seeking a real Technical Digital Project Manager right now! If you are interested check out our job description here.


Sinead Clandillon

Head of Content

The author

Sinead is Webfactory’s content strategist and she also manages the online visibility team, comprising search, analytics and social.

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