Thank You Mum for...

This Sunday, 26 March is Mother's Day. The day when we celebrate and thank that special person in our life. We asked around some of the Webfactory team to find out how their mums had helped them on their path to a career in digital. Here's what they said...

Thank You Mum for...

"...buying me my first computer (Windows 95 - simply the best!) so I could learn HTML when I was four! Also, gave me the determination to achieve in my career!"

Ronan Lowry, Web Developer

"...calling me during the wee hours of the morning to say ‘I miss you’.

Alisha Yee, Relationship Manager

"...taking science and maths books on holiday to Spain, and making me do at least one exercise every night."

David Williams, Technical Project Manager

"...letting me test your patience and resilience."

Conor Gibbons, Tester

"...never standing in my way and letting me make my own mistakes."

Mary Butler, UX Designer

"...sharing every piece of published work I've had with everyone I know."

Rebecca Treacy, Content Editor

"...proofreading my work since I could write.

Sinead Clandillon, Head of Content

"...taking me to buy me a suit for my first ever job interview (I got the job!).

Rich Dales, Head of Search & Analytics

"...being there whenever I needed a boost of support (or to vent). And paying for college - that helped too!"

Aine Kelly, Marketing Executive

"...acting as my mediator regardless of how ridiculous my ideas might sound to the grandparents."

Anna Pospieszynska, Social Media Manager

"...being my rock of love, support and encouragement in everything I have done."

Marianne Herbert, Operations Director

"...demonstrating that you can do anything if you put your mind to it!"

Mairead Hession, Head of Project Management


Rich Dales

Head of Search & Analytics

The author

Rich has over 14 years’ experience dealing with web marketing, 8 of which almost exclusively with search­ based marketing including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), paid search (PPC), and web analytics.

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