Social Media Round-Up Oct 2017

Each month brings us new features and updates that shape the social media landscape. October hasn't been different. From Facebook 3D posts to Twitter Bookmarking and Instagram Polls, there have been quite a few noteworthy changes. Here is my quick October-ish roundup of my hottest topic picks in social media world.


Instagram Polls

If you love ranking Facebook posts based on reactions, you have to check out Instagram Polls. This new feature lives as an interactive sticker in Instagram Stories.

Currently, the system allows you to add your own questions and two customised answers. Users can vote in real time and see the polling results straight away, similar to Twitter, and can swipe up to see who and how people voted.

Important note:

As part of an Instagram Story, the poll disappears after 24 hours. It is a simple yet effective way to interact with your fan base; you can utilise it for product chats, giveaway teasers or upcoming events.


Facebook 3D posts and Oculus for Business

Recently Facebook has introduced a range of new VR products, such as the stand-alone VR headset, Oculus Go. To push the boundaries of the interactivity of users' experience, Facebook also introduced the Oculus for Business bundle, which aims to help elevate a business' offerings and storytelling.

Following their work with the native VR eco-system, Facebook also showcased 3D posts. These posts use fully interactive 3D objects, created using the Oculus Medium sculpting platform and Facebook Spaces, that users will be able to engage with in their newsfeed.

Twitter's New 280-Character Limit

If you’re a chatty one on Twitter, good news. Twitter is currently trialling a 280-character limit to allow users to better express their thoughts in a single Tweet. Currently, this expansion is limited to a small group of people, and I can't wait to hear more on this when Twitter make further announcements.


Video Website Cards for Twitter

Available globally, the Video Website Card is a new ad format that allows marketers to pair video with the ability to drive traffic back to a website. It’s a great way to showcase new products, share training overviews or gameplay, while at the same time offering users an option to discover new details directly on the website. The Video Website Card lets you pair an auto-playing video with your customisable headline and a destination URL.


In-Stream Twitter Videos Ads

After their successful launch in the US, in-stream ads are now available in the UK. They are to be rolled out together with #PopBuzzPresents, the first exclusive original live programming, created in partnership with Global and PopBuzz. I can wait to see that feature get introduced to other markets in the future.

Snapchat Context Cards

Are you a SnapChat user? Say hello to Context Cards. Currently only available in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK, this new feature adds more functionality and information to the Stories you see on Snapchat. From booking a taxi with Uber or Lyft, to reading reviews of a local restaurant, Context Cards are all about making your Snapchat experience better. Content for the cards comes from Snapchat partners such as TripAdvisor and Foursquare.

External Links in YouTube Cards

YouTube now requires creators who join YouTube’s Partner Program to use external links in cards, such as crowdfunding pages or merchandise sites. The change won't affect current YouTube partners or the availability of existing end cards.


This step aims at helping YouTube ensure that creators do not violate the terms of service and community guidelines.

Are you wondering how you can use these new features to make your social presence even better? We can help you with that! Get in touch with Webfactory to talk about your social media strategy for 2018.


Anna Pospieszynska

Social Media Manager

The author

Anna is Social Media Manager at Webfactory and works in the field of social media management, monitoring, and advertising.

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