Social Media Hacks for Live Events

Prepping for live events can be exciting and demanding. After attending GamerCon this March, it is easy to understand why a live event may bring great opportunities and challenges to a brand. Hence, strategising and planning ahead are key for supporting your presence at live events.

Here are a few hacks to get your social media to embrace your real-life events:

1. Pre-event content

To create buzz around your live event, you need to start a conversation with fans in advance. Share images of the set, introduce your booth team, or hint about those sweet giveaways or any entertainment at the stand.

Pre-event content provides fans and visitors with sneak peeks into your activities, showcased products, guests in attendance, and more. Team up with the organisers and run ticket or swag giveaways. These tactics will help you to whet people's appetite and give them a reason to visit you at the event.

2. Live Video

Want to share good vibes with your community? Think Live Video.

With Facebook introducing the live streaming function to desktop PCs, it is even easier now to launch a good-quality live stream from your stand, promotion show or webinar. Of course, you can use your tablet instead of the phone if you prefer.

Also, bear in mind that good Wi-Fi is essential to ensure the quality stream. Double-check with the venue if their Wi-Fi setup is prepared for high-volume usage. They might have a separate network for exhibitors and/or staff that you can tap into.

3. On-Site Content

Having issues with the Internet connection? Don't worry! Become a video and photo reporter at the event.

Record mini-videos, take photos, create 360-degree shots for Facebook, or even capture interviews with guests and visitors. This type of video content can be used for previews, event catch-ups, behind-the-scenes exclusive footage, and more. Such content is pure gold as you can use it for your #TBT, follow-up highlights, or supporting updates for upcoming events.

Interested in doing interviews? Make sure you have got a good mic to hand. Events can be noisy affairs and using a proper microphone can help eliminate unnecessary background chatter.

We had a chance to team up with Peter Walsh and Alan Walsh at GamerCon, with whom we recorded short interviews at the Xbox booth. We used a gaming headset with a mic, which worked beautifully; showcasing the headset in action, so further increasing the relevancy to the audience. These influencers talked about Xbox's highlights, fun activities and games – providing footage used the following day for a Day 2 preview.

4. Special Guests

Make your event more relatable by teaming with influencers or brand ambassadors. For GamerCon we invited cosplayers to interact with the Xbox stand visitors and bring that extra fun factor to the weekend activities. It created a lot of photo opportunities for the brand and the key titles the cosplayers represented, helped even more by the increased energy and vibe created just by the cosplayers being there!


Anna Pospieszynska

Social Media Manager

The author

Anna is Social Media Manager at Webfactory and works in the field of social media management, monitoring, and advertising.

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