Our Internship Programme

A good internship can make all the difference to someone’s academic life and subsequent career. We believe that it’s important to offer digital media students an opportunity to experience life at the coal face in a real digital agency. Even more important is to ensure they get to do real things while they are here.

That’s why we have established an annual internship programme with the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown and their Creative Digital Media degree students. For 12 weeks every year one of their students gets to experience what it is like to work in a leading digital agency like Webfactory.

This placement brings on both their technical and creative competencies but also gives them an insight into a professional workplace. It’s this experience which their course coordinator Hugh McCabe says is crucial:

“Time and time again, we receive feedback from employers that it is not just about what graduates can do, but also about how they go about doing it. Can they conduct themselves in a professional manner within the workplace? Can they communicate effectively with colleagues and clients? Are they comfortable with working in teams and working to deadlines?”

Of course we benefit too. Interns can pitch in and help out with a wide range of activities. Lee, our 2016 intern has had experience to date on video shoots, documenting workshops, conducting content audits, setting up surveys and pitching in on website builds using Roxen CMS.

This tallies with the wide range of digital media skills the students are studying, such as Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing, Film and Video Production, Visual Communications and Interactive Media.

The relationship with ITB and Webfactory is a two way street in terms of the input we are also able to give with respect to the ongoing development of the degree programme. This includes the opportunity for our team to talk to the students about the digital media industry.

And what goes around comes around, two of our current staff members, Ronan and Stephen, are graduates of ITB’s Creative Digital Media course. Their quality of work supports the whole idea of the value of internships and the high quality of the ITB course.

So what do we look out for in potential interns? Find out in our next post coming soon.


Anna Pospieszynska

Social Media Manager

The author

Anna is Social Media Manager at Webfactory and works in the field of social media management, monitoring, and advertising.

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