To snap or not? The lowdown from Ireland’s Snapchat sweetheart

It's 9:30am on a Saturday morning and I'm in a packed room at the Dean Hotel. The early birds of the Irish fashion blogging scene were waiting for social media star James Butler's insights into using Snapchat at the Galaxy blogger workshops.

After an upbeat intro by Sonya Lennon of FrockAdvisor, James takes the mike and wrestles with his first ever PowerPoint presentation. It’s clear he is frank, charming, and fun. Beneath the laugh a minute presentation is someone who clearly works hard and knows how to use his channels and audience to best effect.

James makes it sound like his rise to be one of Ireland's Snapchat sweethearts was almost accidental. ‘Be Yourself’ is his number one rule. He uses his Snapchat mostly to provide a fun insight into his day-to-day life. From gigs, and work, to his kitchen floor and mother Fron, it’s a no holds barred trip. Although it was clear that as a pro he knows where to draw the line.

While answering questions such as ‘Why Snapchat?’ he mused on Ireland’s inherent nosiness and how Snapchat delivers on that obsession. Again, he knows where to draw the line – share your world but not all the minute details! He illustrated this point in true Irish style through the example of making a cup of tea.

He also talked about how even great content can fail when posted at the wrong time of day. While saying he doesn’t really do analytics he admitted that he watches post performance and now schedules his posts based on peak viewing times of the morning and evening. It's the difference in 100s, or in his case, 10,000s of likes.

James doesn’t advocate being on every channel and admitted that he didn’t take hugely to Twitter. He advises to choose the ones that work for you, and have a plan for each of them in line with people’s preferences on those channels. The beauty shots on Instagram, the mug shots on Snapchat.

Linking your audiences is also a key action to take. Bringing fans across from one channel to another makes a whole lot of sense, after all it’s easier to convert an existing fan across channels than win new ones. Although in James's case, with over 40,000 followers on Instagram and his snaps being viewed over 30,000 times each, that doesn’t seem a huge issue.

Check out James on Snapchat: jamespatrice


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