Instagram Adds New Security Features

Social media gives us a wonderful platform from which to experience the world, engage with like-minded people around the globe and to voice their opinions. However, regardless of how much we try to make it a positive place for everyone, there are people who - unfortunately - are prone to abuse this space. With that in mind, it’s great to see giants such as Instagram introduce new tools aimed at improving the level of security and safety on their platform.

Not so long ago they rolled out the two-step verification process, but it seems it is yet to be available to all #igers. These new features however, are available to everyone (or so it seems so far).

As a seasoned Instagrammer, I tested all the latest features in no time at all. Here’s what I found:

Comment Control Features

Hitting that 'Like' and 'Comment' button is all about sprinkling love over a post and forging a bond with our favourite creators. Constructive criticism should be always welcome as we continually evolve as both content makers and consumers, but having said that, some comments shouldn't be allowed to exist under any circumstances. To help us fight against the trolls, Instagram now allows us to completely turn off commenting for each post.

Not only that but, you can also heart, reply to, or even delete individual comments, which comes in very handy with spammy messages and abusive content.

I absolutely love these features as they look after a creator's peace of mind. They speed up the process of weeding out aggressive and unsolicited content, and create an engaging and constructive place for brand fans and customers. This is a tool there to help us make the digital world a little bit friendlier.

Removing Followers from Private Accounts

As my account is public, I had to make a quick switch to review this new tool. After playing around, I can honestly say that the headache of removing a follower without blocking them has now completely gone. By selecting an 'unwanted' follower and tapping the "..." menu by their name, I can easily cross out them from my list. Pain-free!

It is great to finally be in control of who can follow and engage with you on the platform. Hopefully this feature will soon become available to public accounts too (currently I can only block and report followers).

Reporting for Self-Injury Posts Anonymously

Instagram now allows users to anonymously report accounts of people whose behaviour may indicate self-harming or being in need of help. After receiving such a report, Instagram will connect those troubled account owners with organisations that can assist them.

I am really grateful to Instagram for adding this feature. Working with people is difficult but helping them might be even more complex. Tapping into channels people use to reach out and help others, is definitely a step in the right direction.

Overall, Instagram is doing a great job. I love all these new safety features and can't wait to see more coming from the image-loving social media platform.


Anna Pospieszynska

Social Media Manager

The author

Anna is Social Media Manager at Webfactory and works in the field of social media management, monitoring, and advertising.

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