Have You Tried Asking Them?

Great user experience relies on quality user research, insights gained from asking the right questions, and using this knowledge to inform design decisions.

The success of a user centred approach in startups and large corporations has made the value of user experience clear. For example:

User Centered design is continuously proving itself through increasing revenue and customer happiness.

Good design can only come from understanding the people who will use the product: their needs, wants, desires and frustrations, then aligning these with business goals.

The integrity of your design comes from the depth of reasoning and observations that inform its decisions. A great interface is not intuitive, it is the product of research, user testing and rounds of iterations which create an effortless user experience.

Qualitative research provides a richness to analytics through interviews, user testing, field studies, and card sorting. The insights gained allow designers to create emotional connections that meet users’ needs.

The more frequently you speak to customers the more you learn and the stronger your relationships become. This improves trust which increases revenue and differentiates brand. Satisfied customers are more likely to make repeat purchases, give positive reviews and buy additional products.

So before you start designing for customers, get to know them and ask them what they want.

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Mary Butler

Lead UX Designer

The author

As Webfactory’s UX specialist Mary focuses on research, both qualitative and quantitative, user experience design and information architecture. She has worked across a range of sectors and industries to develop closer understanding of user needs and requirements.

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