Google’s Latest Mobile Algorithm Update – Are You Affected?

Back in March Google announced that they were going to start rolling out a search algorithm update, designed to boost the visibility of mobile-friendly web pages within their search results pages. That update was finally completed last week.

Has your website been affected by this update?

Google (and actually the entire planet) has been moving towards a more mobile-friendly world for some time now. This latest update is another step in that direction, and practically-speaking, means that mobile-friendly pages will now rank higher than those designed only for desktop devices, when users are searching on Google using a mobile phone.

If your site is already mobile-friendly, then sit back; it won’t have been affected by the update. Remember though, being mobile-ready doesn’t necessarily mean bring mobile-friendly

If your site still hasn’t made the move to mobile however, you may find that you’re being pushed down the rankings all of a sudden. Not sure if your website is up to standard? No problem, just enter the address into Google’s handy mobile-friendly tool and all will be revealed.

Apps haven’t been affected either by this update.

Speaking of apps, perhaps that’s something else to consider when reviewing your level of mobile-friendliness. Some questions you may want to ask could be – would an app be better for your customers than just a mobile-friendly website? When should you use an app? Does it actually matter?

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