The Colour Green

As everything starts to light up in green in the lead up to St. Patrick’s Day, we thought we’d stand back and think about the colour green. It’s hard to avoid at this time of year; the coffee kiosk and the car dealership on my street are glowing with green light, while the springtime flowers and budding trees are adding to the riot of green all around.

40 Shades...

The colour green comes in many different shades, after all this is the country which inspired the phrase 40 shades of green. Did you know that night-vision goggles - amongst other reasons - use a green light because the colour green has been found to have the most shades in a monochrome colour?

Shades of green

Green means GO

Green can represent both renewal, vibrancy and growth, as well as calmness and stability. In more simple terms green means getting something right - the green tick, the green traffic light, getting a green light for a project. Green for the environment, green thinking, green living as a descriptive term for a whole worldview and lifestyle. On the more negative side green can also indicate envy and sickness, but let’s keep thinking about the positives!


Of course, we associate the colour green with Ireland. The emerald Isle. The green island. 40 shades of green. Add to these clichés the green shamrock and leprechauns, and everybody's stereotypical view of Ireland is almost complete. Come on the girls and boys in green! Let’s ignore the fact that the colour of St. Patrick was actually blue (and Welsh)...

Why is green so popular?

In the work we do for our Irish clients we often get to work with the colour green, it’s frequently part of their brand colours. Green is an in-between of the cool and warm colours, depending on its hue. This means it has the calming effects of blue, while keeping some of the lively properties of yellow. Overall a very balanced colour to work with, attributing growth, stability and even affluence to a design look and feel. So clients like The Irish Stock Exchange, ICON plc and Irish Life Health not only benefit from adding some Irishness to their sites, but enjoy the positive effects on users of using the colour green in design.

For the next few days we won’t have to look at a website to find Irishness and the colour green, it will be around us in all different shades, in many different places. A celebration of the colour green.


Annika Rahman

Senior Designer

The author

Annika is a senior designer at Webfactory. She has a broad background knowledge with 16 years experience in the digital industry. Annika's area of work covers the full life span of a project from UX to UI design and design QA to ensure the Webfactory standard of quality delivery.

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