Benefits of adding Facebook Live to your social media mix

The Internet loves videos. From cat videos to high-quality web series, the sky’s the limit. With live video sneaking steadily into our life, we now have even more tools to play with. Facebook Live, the newest addition in the world of real-time video broadcasting, joins forces with Twitch, YouTube Live, Blab and Periscope to help us share our business stories in a much more engaging way.

Facebook Live offers brands a simple, cost-effective way to engage with their community. What’s more, the medium can tap into the brand’s authentic tone of voice and personality, and all you need is an idea and a smartphone. Imagine how cool it would be to give a live demo of your new product, or to bring hundreds of people behind the scenes of your office to meet your team.

Here are our 4 top reasons for adding Facebook Live to your social media strategy.

  • Minimal Equipment – SMEs don’t need to invest hefty sums of money in broadcasting live. The built-in feature of the Facebook app is designed in a way that allows users to broadcast here and now, guaranteeing that authentic, genuine feel. Technically, Facebook Live requires only two things: a smartphone with the Facebook app installed and Internet access. These are the basics you can easily build on, matching your needs and resources to suit your budget. For example, you like a tripod for your smartphone but these can be purchased easily in a camera shop or online.
  • GO LIVE instantly – The beauty of broadcasting live nowadays lies in its simplicity. From live Q&A sessions to event streaming, you can effortlessly launch your stream wherever you are, instantly. Bear in mind each stream can last up to 90 mins long. You can slice your live event into parts, each streamed one after another.
  • Automatically Saved Video – Not sure what happens after your live stream ends? Don’t fret; Facebook has you covered by turning your broadcasts into video clips. The videos are added to your video library with all their accompanying stats, comments, and reactions for each. Furthermore, Facebook breaks down these metrics so that you can see data specifically related to the Live Broadcast Audience.
  • Real-time Engagement – Live videos are all about engaging users. Facebook Live does exactly this, allowing viewers to comment, share and react to real-time video content. It creates that sense of presence and genuine dialogue. And with the Facebook privacy filters in place marketers can decide who can get involved. What’s more, live streams can be launched from Facebook Events and Facebook Groups.#

Concerned about making a mistake? That’s normal, but they’re sometimes impossible to avoid. Having said that, it’s important to know how to reduce the likelihood of technical errors. Write a script to time your event and build a structure around it. Test streams allow you to experiment with your space, sound, and light. You can create a closed or secret group with your friends or colleagues to test a stream. And don’t worry, practice makes (almost) perfect. It’s all about testing and tweaking.

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Anna Pospieszynska

Social Media Manager

The author

Anna is Social Media Manager at Webfactory and works in the field of social media management, monitoring, and advertising.

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