Are you ready for Lá Fhéile Pádraig?

Sprinkle lucky shamrocks over your social media channels this St Patrick’s Day. Follow our tips for making sure your content is on-topic this March 17th.

Events and national celebrations present an opportunity to introduce humorous or light-hearted content to your conversation. They allow you to join in on trending topics and stay relevant to what customers, friends and fans are talking about.

Here are 5 ways to get your social media on track this St Patrick's Day:

1) Get With the Craic!

As with any major event, plan ahead and develop some St Patrick's Day imagery for your channels. Avoid generic images and add your own creative spin to reflect your brand’s personality. Even a simple shot of your staff dressed up for St Patrick's Day adds some authenticity you can tap into for the day.

Think to yourself, ‘Will someone want to like or share this?' and ‘Does this reflect my brand values?’. We’ve turned Xbox controllers green, white, and orange for Xbox Ireland, and dressed up Calor gas cylinders in full paddywhackery for fun in the past. Have a bit of craic with your ideas.

2) Get Lucky

Seasonal events are a great time to introduce giveaways offering exclusive prizes to fans. Run short and sweet competitions using simple questions, retweets, popular quotes and reaction-based content. Want something more refined? With apps such as ShortStack you can create photo contests, quiz sweepstakes, and more. This allows you to capture additional data from your entrants on Facebook and ultimately connect with them outside social media.

Some of our past client campaigns around this time of year include Limerick competitions, Pot of Gold giveaways, and many more. Fans always appreciate a good giveaway, and adding fun into the mix just increases engagement levels.

3) Spin a Scéal

In keeping with another great Irish tradition, connect with your storytelling roots and use your company blog to drive more traffic. Think laterally about some of the themes associated with St Patrick’s Day. These include migration, symbolism, celebration, even piracy and snakes! If that sounds like a bit of a stretch, some good traditional Irish recipes or craft projects might fit the bill, or a quality selection of quotations and traditions from Ireland’s finest poets and writers.

4) The Gift of the Gab

Show you are up for the chat. Ask your audience some questions, such as what are their parade hacks or best party foods? Try to avoid questions which will invite the types of responses you don’t want, such as 'What’s the worst part of St Patrick’s Day for you?'!

Employ different mechanics and compare results: reaction-based Facebook or Twitter posts, questions around people's hobbies and pastimes, or an Instagram post with a clear call-to-action. This is a simple way to generate additional engagement on your channels and to learn more about your target audiences.

5) Get Down to Business

Do you have an in-store event, discount or offer for the 17th? Draft dedicated posts around your St Patrick's Day specials. Include full details, including promotion dates, so that people are aware of the offer and any associated terms and conditions. Remember, you don't want your updates to sound pushy or 'salesy'. Make sure to balance your social media content between fun and promotional; without one overshadowing the other.

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh!


Anna Pospieszynska

Social Media Manager

The author

Anna is Social Media Manager at Webfactory and works in the field of social media management, monitoring, and advertising.

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